Negative perception attached to pokies games

Posted By Carol Thomas on Aug 27, 2016 |

Slot machines have had a somewhat bad reputation ever since their introduction in the late 1800’s, with the first slot machine „Liberty Bell“ set up in saloons of San Francisco. Back then, people who did not like the gambling machine coined the term „one-armed bandit“ to describe these slot machines because of the robbed players and left them totally broke. The evolution of pokies from this lever-style machine to the modern computer, mobile, Android and iPhone pokies led to the development of new technologies and industry breakthroughs, but the negative outlook persisted. The reputation of pokies today is still unchanged, and there are a lot of stigmas surrounding the world of pokies.  Here we will shed some light on these myths so you can understand the bigger picture around pokies.


The main source of this negative outlook of pokies is the notorious high house edge. This is to be thanked the traditional land based casinos who have historically used such high edges. The classic brick and mortar casinos would set a house edge somewhere from 10 to 20%, and this is the reason from which the bad reputation started from. With other casino games, like blackjack or poker, 2478114-3x2-940x627a player can lower the house edge with his playing ability, by employing a certain strategy or having a high skill level. However, with slot machines, there is not much a player can do. There is nothing a player can do to influence the results of the game and, therefore, lower the house edge. The odds of  winning are always the same and cannot be changed. A good tip to be aware of is that by playing pokies online there is a way to lower the house edge, which is somewhere about 3 to 8 percent, but it can go as low to 2%.
Many people will assume that pokie games are not stimulating, that they not motivate the player to play more or to try harder, simply because there is no method to influence the results. Technology advances, on the other hand, prove that many new features of modern pokie games, like additional mini games, levels, and bonuses, together with encaptivating themes can make a game of pokies very interesting and motivating.

Benefits-of-Playing-Online-PokiesAnother of the negative myths surrounding pokies is that there is no way to win because of the Random Number Generator software. The RNG is the advanced technology standing behind the pokie games, the brain of the machine. It is behind the generation of results which have to be completely random, and it is only luck that can decide when a certain sequence of symbols will appear, nothing more. All major and respectable casinos have to use a machine with RNG software. Otherwise they can face serious fines from the state’s governing bodies. We always recommend only the casino which are under serious supervision and which use only the proper, RNG commanded machines so that the randomness of the results is secured and the players can count on a fair game.