The secret behind the popularity of progressive slots

Posted By Carol Thomas on Aug 27, 2016 |

Pokies, or slots as they are called outside of Australia, are the most popular type of casino games, and people from all over the world are playing these games. Three or five reels are spinning in almost every corner of the globe, and the simplicity and profitability of this type of entertainment are attracting the players. In the early days of slot machines, the spins had to be activated by a lever, and that well-known move was often depicted in movies and other works from the popular culture. The familiar sound of coins that are joyfully attractive-woman-at-gambling-machinerattling as they are coming out of the machine is another trademark attribute of slots or pokies, and casinos were filled with these electronic machines. However, things are changing, and the unstoppable wheels of evolution are slowly but surely stopping the reels in the land-based casinos, and the gaming sessions are now moving into the world of the virtual and online.

Progressive Slots HistoryOnline pokies are experiencing a steady rise in popularity, and in the last decade or so – online casinos, in general, have seen a tremendous increase in the numbers of visitors and profits. People enjoy playing casino games without actually visiting a casino, and this paradoxical situation is forcing casino operators to re-think their strategy and to find new ways to attract customers and to generate revenue. One of the ways in which they do it so to offer something rewarding and attractive to them and progressive jackpot pokies are one of those products that can certainly attract a large number of players. Winning a progressive pokies jackpot is a dream for anyone who has ever seen the size of the overall prize, and since we are talking about millions and millions of dollars – such behavior seems perfectly logical and reasonable.

1Progressive slots are played by people from all over the globe, and they are all hoping to hit that life-changing jackpot and to become instant millionaires. Unfortunately, the chances of scoring such a win are pretty slim, 1 to 50 million, and this may deter some of the players, but the majority of them will still give it a shot and try their luck with this form of gambling. Progressive pokies jackpots are based on a very simple idea: the total prize is growing continually from the small percentage of each bet that is placed while playing pokies, and this can result in accumulated amounts that are staggeringly high. The jackpot will grow until someone collects it, and then it gets back down to its starting position, which can also be pretty high with some of the slots on the gaming scene. Jackpot meters are displayed while you play traditional pokies, and this can inform you about the state of the overall prize pool. Additionally, most casinos will ask you to play your game of slots on the maximum bet if you want to have a shot at the progressive jackpot, and this may seem like a small investment comparing to the potential of collecting that enormous prize.