Tips for playing online pokies

Posted By Carol Thomas on Aug 27, 2016 |

Even those who are not really fans of gambling may want to give pokies a try. It is a well-known and worldwide famous game of fortune, it is easy to play and it can sometimes offer extremely high jackpots. Pokies machines have long history, and they have evolved over time. In the modern era, you can also play online pokies by visiting numerous casino websites. In this article, we will focus precisely on this type of pokies and give you some useful tips for playing.


First of all, it is good to know that the rules are basically the same – choose the line you want to play and pull the virtual lever. It is simple and straightforward, just like with regular, land-based pokies machines. However, some concepts differ from what we are used to. The main difference between online and land-based pokies is that you do not use tangible money. Instead, you should create an account on the online casino website you choose. You need to provide some personal data and place a certain deposit onto the account, which will be turned into virtual credits for playing casino games. With these credits, you can play any casino game you like, and all online casinos offer a variety of online pokies.

1-27052014070040Then, when you get to decide which game of pokies to play, you will notice that the choice is huge. This is also one of the biggest differences between online and land-based pokies machines. Thanks to the possibilities the Internet provides, you can play pokies games themed as your favorite movie, TV series, book, cartoon and much more. Also, you can choose between the pokies machines with 3, 5 and 7 reels, with different paylines to play and different combinations available. Even though complex online pokies with more reels can be amazing, the general rule is that the smaller is the number of reels, the higher is the chance of winning a jackpot.

TS-19569-Desktop-Lobby-01-600x338_1446973537514_tcm1488-263856What you should also bear in mind is that jackpots differ depending on the virtual machine and on the online casino which provides them. Some online pokies offer higher jackpots, but there is a lower chance of winning, whereas some offer lower jackpots with higher chance of winning. You should explore the options and find out what are the odds for pokies machine you want to use. Still, keep in mind that earning big money is more likely with the machines that offer higher jackpot, but that you will also need insane amount of luck.

Rewards and bonuses is something you can get on both online and land-based pokies. However, due to such a large variety in online pokies, there are also a large number of different bonuses, and rewards such as free spins, additional games and so on. Make sure to explore these rewards and bonuses as well before you start playing the games, because it can be a great way of increasing your chance of winning, or you can at least enjoy some additional games and maybe win smaller amounts of money.