Ups and Downs of iPhone pokies

Posted By Carol Thomas on Aug 27, 2016 |

Mobile gaming is a branch of the gaming industry that continuously evolves. Better mobile devices allow better features, and due to that, developers of those games develop new games to match those new specs.

pokies_iphoneSame thing applies to iPhone pokies as well. Casino games are very popular, and the developers are trying to bring them to the mobile devices. No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection and a smart phone, you can play pokies. But no matter how far the technology progressed it still has a long way to go. We will try to give you ups and downs of playing iphone pokies over your iPhone and let you decide whether you will play them.

The ups aka benefits of playing iPhone pokies are as follows:

iPhone is a very convenient device. Once you install the software of a mobile casino, you can play your favorite pokies wherever you want. The only thing you need to play the game is the internet connection and in this day and age that isn’t an issue.

–   mobile-pokies-games The anytime-anywhere option the casino’s offer is excellent. Many players said that they started playing pokies only after they reached mobile devices. The ability to carry the game and play it whenever you have free time is the option many people like.

–    The beginning of mobile casinos was hard, but once people started playing it, the people in power realized that pokies are more than gambling, they are fun. And therefore they whitelisted many things that were restricted in the past.

The payment transfers were an issue in the past, especially for iPhone and Android users. New technologies brought different security measures that allowed safe money transfer from devices. Those technologies are the pillar of gambling with real money over mobile devices.

There are drawbacks of playing iphone pokies over a phone, and they are:

–    pokies_for_iosGraphics and sound are one of the issues with Android and iPhone pokies. They aren’t bad, but you can’t compare them with pokies you play over PC. A big part of pokies is the graphical content, and some players may find it unsatisfactory. The Good thing is that some developers create pokies specially designed for mobile devices. They do have weaker graphic content, but they look beautiful.

–    Misclicking due to the small size of the screen of the mobile device is another drawback of mobile device gaming. You have to be very careful when you play with money, as one misclick may lead to the loss of money. New pokies allow zooming which helps, but you can still make a mistake if you click too fast.

–    Connection issues are the bane of iPhone pokies. If you play for fun, then you won’t have problems with these matters. But if your internet goes down during play with money then you may end up losing the wager. A connection issue may also affect the money transfer. Some people reported the cases in which the money disappeared due to connection breakdown.